“for they knew what sort of noise it was; they recognize, by now, the footsteps of the Furies”. Enjoying life on the road to recovery. As always — observing.

January 23rd

Albrecht Durer — Self portrait (c. 1500)

How are you all doing, check out my new haircut — business up front, party in the back! Those slick curls courtesy of Dietmar of Trodelmarkt and his original Swabian geese fat! Big props for that new sick ermine collar — that is a gift from my Hansa…

January 22nd

ahhhh…, you know… take that street, the one from the traffic lights by ahhhh…, you know, the building over there, no, not this one, the one with a convenience store downstairs, ahhhh… then turn left by the park, yes, left — then, ahhhh..., …

January 20th

“Blue Church” in Bielsk Podlaski

This is not a painting or a drawing. This s a photo I took of a sidewall with windows of the Orthodox Church in a nearby town. I was surprised myself how well it turn out. It does look like a painting, but here only walls and sills…

January 20th

A timeline of the status of my religious beliefs:

  • Deeply religious (Roman Catholic) as a child
  • Questioning as a teenager
  • Atheist as a young adult
  • Ambivalent in my twenties
  • Combative and vocal atheist in my thirties
  • Ambivalent in my forties
  • Questioning in present time

I don’t ever plan…

January 18th

One morning over the last weekend temperature went down to minus 14C. My car started after 5 tries, but it started. Windshields were frozen on the inside and I had to wait at least 20 minutes for the car to warm up enough to melt the ice on…

January 16th

Lana Del Rey — White Dress

I was, of course, aware of Lana Del Rey for many years. I mean, she is a beautiful, famous singer/songwriter, but I don’t think I ever consciously or purposely listen to any of her music. Until that song came on the radio…

January 15th

Something I’ve noticed several times before and again a couple of days ago during my therapy session. First of all, my addiction therapist is very good, we get along without any problems. I see myself progressing as a recovering addict and a person with her help and experience…

January 14th

Over the years I was a lot of things:
a student, a basketball player, a punk, a rebel, a drunk, a football player, a hippy, a sports fanatic, a golfer, a pilot, a gamer, a metalhead, a health fanatic, a hiker, an anti-fascist, an atheist, an altar boy, an…

footsteps of the Furies

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