Being condescending


June 5th, 2023

I hate it and cannot take it when others think they know better than me about me. That they know better what is good for me. That they know better what and how I feel. That they know better why I do things the way I do. That they have the knowledge and answers to help me be like them. But I no longer react to those emotions in me caused by their condescending attitude — I just ignore them — completely and relentlessly.

No matter that — I caught myself recently, and several times at that doing exactly the same. Thinking that I know better why some people, or groups of people with whom I have a fundamental difference of views, think and do things unlike me. For the most part, I just assume their ignorance — if only they knew what I know, then they wouldn't be in error. If only I could reach them with the message of my truth, they would see the actual and the only proper way. My way, that is.

I do that without a second thought for any other reason and without giving them the benefit of their knowledge and without knowing or understanding their background and the reasons for their actions and thoughts. I don't give them the benefit of accepting that other people can think for themselves in a way that might be completely alien to me and beyond any reference to my life. I assume their wrongness and ignorance and think that I know better, and I do that with a condescending smirk…

And that is how and when I am wrong. And quite hypocritical as well. And this is something I want to change. And listening without interruption or outright disregard for a different point of view is extremely difficult. I will try nonetheless — otherwise, I might think I am better than other people.



footsteps of the Furies

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