Galactic war

March 9th

It finally happened. After several hundreds of years of avoiding each other, the two fractions that now dominate the galaxy finally went to war. What was the real reason? Nobody knows now. Maybe there was no reason at all, just mutual hatred and need for living space which, as everyone knows, in the vastness of the galaxy is a short supply (or something).

On one side — the Bezosians, ruthless and systematic. On the other — Muskians, ruthless and unpredictable. Both descend from the same species. From humans from Earth who colonized the galaxy after the resources on Earth were used up and climate change was not possible to reverse. Oh, yes — there were several nuclear wars as well.

One group is a spawn of JBezos and some blonde floozies. The second is a spawn of EMusk and some blond floozies. They look almost undistinguished from each other, but careful observers can see some differences — Bezosians are genetically engineered to be bald and to have a maniacal, almost cartoonish laugh as they go about destroying everything in their way. Muskians are genetically engineered to communicate in memes and have an unhealthy obsession with cringe-worthy humor and smoking “pot” as they go about destroying everything in their way.

Both fractions are hell-bent on domination, and there will be no prisoners taken. Both fractions are both deeply insecure, and no slight is insignificant enough to go unpunished. They will fight to the last man and last woman and last innocent bystander, and until the last pristine planet is still spinning somewhere around some distant sun.

Who will win the galaxy-wide showdown?

I think that is a pretty good idea for a sci-fi book or a movie to be written or made by a person who is not scared of prolonged litigation. So, not me. But the concept is mine, and it will go to the higher bidder. In several hundreds of years, that book might be even considered as a prophecy.



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