January 28th

continuing from the previous day —

  • Do I really care about other people’s suffering? I register in my mind another disaster, a flood or volcanic eruption or drought. People suffering from persecution for their political or religious view (or lack of religion). I know there are people around me who suffer from mental disorder, or domestic violence or being poor — and do nothing about it.
  • I might get angry seeing or hearing about people suffering but that is all form my reaction. I lost interest or don’t think about it. I might show some righteous appearance in defiance for those causing suffering, but I really don’t care.
  • I care about retribution for those who cause suffering for others, from the top to bottom — politicians, religious leaders or religious freaks, bad bosses, violent parents and spouses and so on.
  • I wish them either prolong suffering like they caused for others or swift disappearance for them and their families so no one can benefit from their actions.
  • Am I a violent person? Or is it just a coping mechanism for me not to completely give up on humankind?



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footsteps of the Furies

footsteps of the Furies


“for they knew what sort of noise it was; they recognize, by now, the footsteps of the Furies”. Enjoying life on the road to recovery. Observing and writing.