May 28th

footsteps of the Furies
2 min readMay 28, 2021


I don’t know why people are surprised by the recent flurry of videos from different government agencies showing footage of UFOs. And there is more and more talk about some kind of disclosure about extraterrestrial life forms coming up. Anyone with half a brain already knew that we were visited by aliens since the recorded history of humankind and most likely for much, much longer — there always’s been so much evidence of it in plain sight.

Now, here is my theory about recent history (say — since about 1947) of alien visitations and contact made by them with few chosen individuals and government agencies from different nations:

  • after the II World War (and usage of nuclear weapons) our backward Earth become an interest to alien cultures/races. We by ourselves crossed the threshold of the nuclear age.
  • a rogue fraction of aliens visited and contacted some people in power with “altruistic” promises of new technologies.
  • the modern era began — space travel, development of the internet, eradication of (most of) viral diseases, computing power, Wi-Fi (which for me is the most shocking and unexplainable invention), miniaturization of data storage space, etc.
  • that modern development started to tear apart the fabric of humanity — especially the invention and unchecked growth of social media, consolidation of news and money and power in hands of few individuals, and willing destruction of our nature and habitat.
  • that was the plan of that rogue alien fraction. What is the reason behind it — I don’t know.
  • all that development brought the attention of other alien fractions that started to visit the Earth to check what is going on.
  • I don’t know what exactly are the relationships between those different alien groups — are they competing for resources? are they at war with each other? are they engaged in space exploration and colonization race?

They are here, just as they have always been here or around here. Now, something big is happening and something even bigger will happen soon. I can only shrug it off — we are not in the control, so let us just watch the action.



footsteps of the Furies

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