June 29th

Shocking, shocking, shocking!

I was continuing my virtual New Jersey trip yesterday and I decided to check offers from my favorite diners and pizza places and restaurants. New Jersey is unquestionably a capital for all kinds of pizza, no other place — state or city, or country comes close. And the diners are a symbol of the state — each town has several and they are simply local institutions and go to places for generations of local residents. And there are others — the special, specific kind of fast food places that are unique just to this area — White Manna in Hackensack or Rutt’s Hut in Clifton or Hot Grill in Paterson. A lot of memories and yearning for the taste of their goods come back to me immediately as I was reading the menus tinged with nostalgia for that other part of my past life.

But there was something else that I noticed. Something that shocked me and literally scared me. Ok, what can be scary about menus? The prices of course — but not the high prices from the top-notch restaurants where a dinner for two will set you back five or more hundred dollars. In this case, it is the low prices that scared me. The prices I remember from 11 years ago are practically unchanged. And even though I don’t know much about the economy, the fact that prices of junk and fast food stayed the same over the last ten years (with raging inflation over the last years) is shocking. And scary — obesity is a huge problem and simply an epidemic in the USA. The low cost of junk food will only go to further this problem. And the other questions — what kind of food is actually served there, it cannot be real food but a chemically enhanced something just to keep the prices down. And to think that there were (and are) COVID vaccine “truthers” who were campaigning against the vaccine because you don’t know what is in it, but at the same time will eat fast, junk food without questioning what is there.



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