October 14th

I just received information that my coworker who works next to me was diagnosed with COVID-19. Last week he wasn't feeling well — slight fever, cough, overall weakness so he was sent by our boss to work from home. His symptoms didn't go away this week, so he went for the tests and just got a positive result. Since I am the person who sits closest to him, my name was sent by my company to the local health authority, and now I need to wait for the information if I will be subjected to quarantine. I feel good, there are no symptoms of any kind that I can notice about my health. I am fully vaccinated as well so that is helpful. I work from home this week and I had minimal contact with others over the last several days — another good occurrence. Anyway — I need to wait for a phone call from the local health authority to tell me if I can go normally about my life or if I will need to quarantine myself.

To be honest — I wouldn't mind a week or so of quarantine. I am well prepared with all that is needed for normal living and can always get things delivered if there is a need for it. I have a garden where I can go and do some work or exercise or just spend time outside. I have plenty of books to read and movies to watch. My job is much easier when I work from home and I am a LOT more productive without all the distractions in the office. But only a week, mind you — I do have a life that requires me to leave home once in the while.

“for they knew what sort of noise it was; they recognize, by now, the footsteps of the Furies”. Enjoying life on the road to recovery. As always — observing.