Ride on (the long road)


April 1st, 2023

Today I am going from point A to point B. Many options as always, for example, a train that will get me there in two hours and twenty minutes. Or another train leaving about the same time but going to point B the long way round to get there in four hours. The price is the same, as is the comfort level for both trains. Of course, I am traveling now on the train going the long and roundabout way to my destination.

I feel better than the previous few days. But that is still uneasy betterment, I watch myself closely and carefully analyze my thoughts and emotions, and mood swings. I like the current moment of idleness when there is nothing more for me to do than stare through the window as the views fly by. The landscape is still mired within the messy grasp of wetness of just starting spring but my internal mess and confusion are getting a little cleared up.

For whatever reason, I prefer longer roads, long and winding ways, and longer time to be traveling to get to the place I want to. Maybe it’s because most of the time I don’t really know what my destination is. The longer I travel the longer I have to figure something out. That makes it even better when I don’t know the goal awaiting me in the end, that means I can meander and change direction and can just stop for a while without regrets or the pressure of wasted time.

I still am on the way somewhere. And as I travel I listen to music a lot and that song just came on the radio. Seems appropriate and not quite coincidental. Especially since it was the first time I heard it. I am happy I discovered something nice today while being on the road, that makes a good day for me and that reminds me to ride on. Today and tomorrow, and the day after that. Road never ends as long as we are willing to keep on going.



footsteps of the Furies

“for they knew what sort of noise it was; they recognize, by now, the footsteps of the Furies”. Enjoying life on the road to recovery. Observing and writing.